Quick Guide to Grids

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Whether you’re ordering single or double-hung windows, picture windows or casement windows - add your own personal style with grids.

Grids (or muntins or grilles) are strips of material that simulate smaller panes of glass. Use our quick guide to window grids to help make decisions regarding the style of your windows.

Grid Style

Colonial-style grids are usually divided into equal sections. Commonly in sets of 4, 6 or 9. Colonial grids are a more traditional look.

Prairie-style grids are divided into unequal panes. They feature a larger square in the middle and smaller squares in the corners.  These are a contemporary or farmhouse style.


For a truly unique look, try a custom grid configuration like diagonals. Grid styles add more design possibilities for your Harvey windows and patio doors.

Grid Types

Also, Harvey offers three grid types: Grids Between Glass (GBG), Exterior Grids, and Simulated Divided Lites (SDL). However, each type of grid provides a different feature, depending upon which type best meets your needs.

Grids Between Glass (GBG) are color-matched grids installed between the glass panes, making them an attractive, easy-to-clean option. Both interior and exterior glass surfaces are smooth to the touch. GBG give the enhanced appearance of traditional grids, with the added benefit of easy cleaning.

Exterior grids are just as the name implies. Color-matched grids installed on the exterior surface of the glass with a grid between the panes of glass. This type still has a smooth interior. Permanently attached to the window, exterior grids are available in 5/8" or 1" profile. Exterior grids are an excellent option for historic districts.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) add an even more dramatic and upscale look to Harvey windows or patio doors. SDL grids are designed to replicate those beautiful older windows. SDL simulates several single panes of glass set into the grids. To create this classic look, Harvey applies three layers of grids: one on both exterior and interior surfaces of the glass, as well as a pewter in-glass grid. The result is strikingly authentic. They make the glass look like individual pieces. It's a beautiful addition to the decor of any home.

In addition to the grids for our vinyl windows, Harvey Majesty wood windows also have several grid options. Majesty is approved for historic districts all over New England.


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