Grid Styles

& Sash Configurations


Simulated Divided Lites

For a dramatic and upscale look, choose the simulated divided lites (SDL) grid system which utilizes a pewter in-glass grid with grids applied on both the interior and exterior. Available for most Majesty Wood and vinyl windows. 

VinylMajesty Wood


5/8" Grid1" Grid


Exterior Applied

Exterior applied grids provide a more defined architectural style on the exterior, with the ease of grids between glass on the inside. Available for most vinyl windows. 



5/8" Grid1" Grid


Grids Between Glass & Interior Snap-Ins

Color-matched contoured grids are positioned between the glass, allowing for easy cleaning. Available for most Majesty Wood and vinyl windows.

Pine interior snap-in grids are also available for Majesty Wood windows.


VinylMajesty Wood


5/8" Contoured Grid1" Contoured Grid






Fully customize any grid design. Choose Colonial, Prairie, or other unique styles like Tudor or Gothic.





Sash Style

Even sashes are nice, but you can also select Oriel, Cottage, or a custom orientation.