5 Tips for Designing Your Windows


For many homeowners, having a beautiful home is at the top of the list. That often means upgrading your windows, but where should you start? Windows come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Designing custom windows for your home is often overwhelming, so here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Add some color

Using color on the interior or exterior of your window can add both exterior curb appeal and interior eye-pleasing enjoyment. Color is a significant aspect of choosing the perfect window fixture. You want the colors to be consistent throughout your home. But, you don’t want the color to clash with any of the existing colors of your décor.

It’s certainly fine to go with a neutral white or almond tone on the exterior of your window frames. However, you may want to make wood windows stand out more with Black, Bronze or Forest Green frames that complement the colors of your roof, trim or siding. If you’re selecting vinyl windows, remember you have exterior color options as well.


2. Go for eye-catching grids

6-0 colonial grid alignment with grids-between-glass on Harvey Slimline vinyl windows

They may seem like a minor detail, but window grids can make a significant difference for the aesthetic of your home. Harvey offers three different grid applications from Grids Between Glass, Exterior Applied Grids, or Simulated Divided Lites.

Whichever grid style you select, you have the choice of classic, traditional installations or something more eye-catching. For example, consider a non-traditional configuration. If your home has a round window, grids can be installed at angles to give your windows a segmented (or diamond style) look. Remember, it’s okay to apply different configurations to different windows in your home. A hot trend right now is different grids for different floors of the house that complement each other.

3. Creating a sleek look with trim

With the right trim, you can add a polished look to your custom window’s aesthetic. When considering trim, you need to consider the architecture and style of your home overall. If the architecture of your home is classic, look for a classic trim that enhances this characteristic. If you want to add a touch of modernism to your home, you might want to choose a more straightforward trim. The “box” around your windows have a lot to do with the style, so make sure you know what you’re getting. And if you're a contractor, Trim Kits can help cut your installation time down to seconds. 


4. Stylish Hardware for a Unique Look

Harvey Tribute with Brushed Nickel low-profile sash lock and applied lift handles

Window hardware comes in a variety of materials that allow for different aspects of home design. You want to consider that different material allows for different colors and operating styles.

Wood hardware can be painted any color, but may be limited in styles and can wear down more easily over time. Metal and vinyl fixtures will have fewer color options but offer many different systems from vertical sliding to crank panels. When designing your Harvey windows, we can provide you with color selections to match or to stand out and accent your windows.

5. Defining the Space with Window Operating Styles

This four casement bow window from Harvey replaced two double-hung windows for a fresh look.

For different rooms in the home, you may consider various window operations. For example, a closed, fixed picture window is ideal for capturing lakeside views in a living room area. But, in a kitchen, where you may wish to gain ventilation while cooking, a casement or gliding/rolling window is perfect over a sink. Double-hung windows work anywhere and are the classic operating style.

Think about the window’s functionality. Consider how the operating system will affect the look and flow of the room. Check out our 7 Window Styles and Where to Put Them article for more on this.

Still unsure about custom windows?

Talk to your contractor. They’ve seen a lot of excellent and lousy custom window designs and can help you make some decisions.



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