Interior Trim Kit

Harvey Interior Trim Kits are easy-to-order and provide quality workmanship and a precision fit that cuts your installation time down to seconds. Fully assembled kits include interior casing and extension jambs, glued and backstitched, ready to apply to all Harvey vinyl new construction windows.

Trim Kits come in in finger-jointed pre-primed pine or clear pine. The apron is cut to length with mitered returns and ships separately, to be installed on-site. Available in 8 classic profiles.

Installation Options

  • Extension jambs available in 4-9/16" or 6-9/16" drywall as well as 4-3/4" or 6-3/4" plaster and custom depths
  • Available for most factory-mulled combinations (excluding shapes)
Get Trim Kit Spec Sheet
2-1/2" Clamshell
2-1/4" Colonial
2-1/2" Colonial
3-1/4" Beaded Colonial
3-1/2" Colonial
3-1/2" Stafford
3-1/2" Windsor
3-1/2" Flat

How to Install

Trim Kit installation can be completed in four quick steps.
man installing window

Step 1

After window installation, position Trim Kit inside built- in pocket of Harvey window.
man installing window

Step 2

Secure Trim Kit with finish nails.
man installing window

Step 3

Align apron to outside of frame.
man installing window

Step 4

Secure apron with finish nails and fill in nail holes.
3" Flat Casing
908 Casing
908 Brickmould Casing