Glass Options

Get the most out of your windows with ENERGY STAR® rated glass



Harvey provides a variety of glass options to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. Depending on your climate zone, you can choose the package that fits your specific project needs.



ThermaLock 3X

Our premium ENERGY STAR option. It kicks performance up a notch by using Argon gas between three Low-E coated panes of glass, making it the best choice to significantly reduce energy consumption in climates where both cooling and heating costs are a concern. 

ThermaLock 3X is ENERGY STAR rated for all climate zones.


How ThermaLock 3X Works 

  1. Glass panes have an application of a special coating, known as Low-E, which helps stop temperature transference by reflecting infrared light. When applied on the exterior sides of the glass, it blocks temperature transference from the outside and UV rays from the sun that fades colors on interior furnishing. Low-E is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly way to enhance a window’s energy efficiency.

  2. Colorless, odorless, non-toxic Argon gas fills the space between the glass. Because it’s heavier than air, it provides superior insulation than air alone, increasing the thermal performance of the glass.

  3. The areas where the edges of the glass meet the frame are most vulnerable to temperature transference, so a warm edge spacer is used to insulate where the glass seals to the window frame, reducing heat transfer through the window.



A specialized UV-filtering Low-E glass coating reflects heat back inside while Argon gas insulates air between the panes, keeping interior temperature consistent, yet still letting sunshine in. 

ThermaLock is ENERGY STAR rated in North and North Central Climate zones.



Industry-leading Low-E coating combines with Argon gas for effective insulating properties, keeping the inside of a home comfortable and assisting with energy efficiency.  

ThermaGuard is ENERGY STAR rated in North Central Climate zones.



SunShield is a double pane package which utilizes a specialized Low-E coating that shields the home both from solar heat and ultraviolet rays that can fade furniture and carpet. Tinting is minimal with virtually no exterior reflectance, keeping the view unobstructed. 

SunShield is ENERGY STAR rated in North Central, South Central and South Climate zones.



SunGain utilizes High Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, meaning more of the sun’s rays penetrate the glass, offsetting heating costs in colder climates. SunGain also has our highest Visible Transmittance (VT) rating which means it allows more natural sunlight in. 

SunGain is ENERGY STAR rated in North Climate zones.